Lewis Crofters Ltd is an agricultural co-operative registered under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act.  Established in 1958, the society was set up to supply the crofters on the Island of Lewis with animal feed, fertilisers, fencing and drainage materials and other general requisites, with a view to ensuring that crofting in the island flourished.

Whilst trading methodology has evolved, the basic ethos:  to serve the crofting community and be a stabilising influence on crofting supplies and prices, has not altered.  The society owns - and operates
from - a single site premises at Island Road Stornoway.  The site footprint comprises, retail premises,  and adjoining land encompassing car parking, storage buildings, and areas for bulk agricultural stocks.

Lewis Crofters’ customer base is primarily made up of the agricultural community in Lewis and Harris, and these customers remain the society’s focus group. In order to preserve the service it provides to crofting, has diversified its retail range into complimentary areas such as footwear, clothing, household goods, outdoor activities and gardening/horticultural products.

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